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International Expo Mall

Foshan International Furniture Expo Mall is a key renovation demonstration project, a key industry upgrading project and a key urbanization advancement project in Foshan City and has won recognition and support from the leadership at provincial and municipal levels.

The project is positioning to build a world-class top furniture expo center and global one-stop trade platform in conjunction with retail, uses a lease management operation mode and assembles famous brands at home and abroad, renowned as a world’s top palace integrating merchandise display, design, trade, logistics, storage, information, finance and restaurant.

Foshan International Furniture Expo Mall sits at the foot of Lanshi Bridge on Foshan Avenue (325 National Road) and occupies a bridge tower position in Lecong Furniture Corridor stretching for dozens of Chinese mile (1 Chinese mile=1/2 kilometer). The project covers an area of 622 mu(1mu=666.7 square meters) with a total building area of 2 million square meters and is repute to bethe largest furniture expo block in the world, where domestic and overseas well-known bands assemble and 17 categories of products such as green eco-furniture, ceramics, bathroom products, bedding, furniture and adornments and hundred thousands of commodities are sold. Additionally, it introduces modern elements such as sightseeing tour, recreation and shopping, choice merchandises display, romantic night market to add glamour and provides one-stop quality services integrating supporting logistics, furniture maintenance, restaurant and cultural leisure and entertainment to bring enjoyment and comfort.

The emergence of Foshan International Furniture Expo Mall will have an influence on global furniture pattern and build a new global furniture trade landmark.

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