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    Aluminum heat sink

    • Grade :6000 series
    • Certificate :ISO 9001:2008,ISO 14001:2004
    • CNC:milling ,drilling hole ,bending ,tapping, punching ,short cut ,welding ,silk screening
    • Color :black ,white ,red ,blue ,grey ,etc.

    Aluminum Manufacturer of 6000 series aluminum heat sink, aluminum extruded heat sink, aluminum heat sink design, oem profiles with good quality.

    1. Detailed information

    Aluminum Heat Sink | Aluminum Extruded Heat Sink | Aluminum Heat Sink Design

    Grade: 6000 series

    Application: industrial 

    Certification: ISO 9001:2008,ISO 14001:2004

    Color: black, white, red, blue, grey, etc.

    Deep processing: milling, drilling hole, bending, tapping, punching, short cut, welding, silk screening

    Surface treatment: anodized, electrophoresis, powder coating, wooden grain, shining polishing, brushed, etc.

    OEM: OEM design available. Drawings or samples can be sent for evaluation


    Aluminum heat sink.jpg

    Extruded heat sink.jpg

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